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Archive: April, 2016

Josh {Perrysburg Newborn Photography}

Saturday, April 23rd, 2016

I got to photograph this little guy’s older brother when he was younger and so I was super super excited to do his first session! I love comparing siblings, seeing if they look alike or different. How their personalities differ. Plus watching siblings interact is about the sweetest. Here are a couple of my favorites from his session. He was so laid back!

toledo newborn family sibling photography photographer

Big brother Ethan did this all on his own! I had a little bit of a different pose in mind and he just had to hold him and look at him. I think his interacting with Josh is way sweeter than anything I could have planned.

toledo newborn family sibling photography photographer

So I think my favorite Josh features are her wispy eyelashes and his smoochie lips. I could have cuddled this guy all day.

toledo newborn family sibling photography photographer

He was awake for a short bit! He is SO so so cute!

toledo newborn family sibling photography photographer

I always forget how tiny they are!

Anna, thank you so much for trusting me with his first photos and for letting me cuddle him all morning!!



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