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I’m excited about how Wellspring Photography is growing and through that I am able to learn more as well as venture into new areas of photography. We now offer packages for any events in life, from as big as weddings and births to as small as your child’s first time making chocolate chip cookies. We are now even doing school photographs from preschool through high school, as well as family, pregnancy, and baby sessions. Any photography need you have, we would be honored and excited to fulfill it.

Here at Wellspring Photography we love photography and love capturing the important moments in life. Any moment worth remembering is worth photographing.

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…and the Winner is….{Toledo Photography}

Monday, June 6th, 2011

The Rufus art winner is Jenni Salazar and her son Gabe (the artist!)!!!!!!! I got this drawing in my email (they even added a gallery frame!) I seriously busted out laughing until I cried. I love Gabe's literal interpretation of Dr. Rufus and apparently she is performing liposuction on a dalmatian? Seriously..hands down winner! Jenni you get your choice of a family session or a child session! (Family includes your immediate family so you hub and kids). Shoot me an email and we can set something up! Gabe's artwork below for all to enjoy!

toledo photography photographer

I really loved this contest and I think from now on my contests just may be Rufus based! Congrats Jenni and great work Gabe!


Girls Day in the Garden~Aubrey

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009


Another Girls Day post! This is Aubrey. She has the biggest dimples and the sweetest smile 🙂 She was a natural around my camera, and I think she had a great time! I had a wonderful time with this little lady, and I had a hard time picking only a few images for the blog but here they are:

toledo children photography

toledo children photographer

toledo children photography toledo children photography

toledo children photographer

toledo children photography

Love those beautiful blues! Aubrey, you are such a sweetie and thanks for giving me those big smiles! Leave comments everyone, you know we love it! More "Girls Day in the Garden" blogs coming up!

Girls Day in the Garden~Mikayla

Monday, September 7th, 2009


As you all know we had Girls Day in the Garden sessions! We will be posting a blog for each girl who participated, and Mikayla is the first! She was so easy to photograph and is a really beautiful girl! So here are my faves from Mikayla’s "Girls Day in the Garden" session :

toledo children's photographer

toledo children's photography

toledo children photographer

toledo children photography

toledo children photography

toledo children photographer

toledo childrens photography

Mikayla, you are such a sweetie and I had a wonderful time with you! Leave us comments and let us know what you think! Stay tuned, we will keep posting our Girls Day in the Garden sessions!


Girls in the Garden

Saturday, July 25th, 2009


Tabitha and I are giving away mini sessions! This offer applies to possible clients that we have not photographed yet.  Each session is a half hour and comes with a free 8×10 and no session fee! It truly is a girl’s day in the garden, we will be photographing girls age 10 and under. There are ten spots available and the sessions will be held on August 18, 2009 starting at 9 a.m.  If you want to book your session or get location details email me at or call me at 419-260-9462

The Contest Winner!

Saturday, May 23rd, 2009


That’s right, the winner of our Giving Back contest is this tiny bean Ava! She was awake almost the whole time and she could not have been more content! She really is beautiful and I had such a fun evening with her! I even got to hold her a little bit! Near the end she fell asleep and she was really out! We moved her all around and she didnt even stir! Here are a few of my favorites, it was hard to only choose a few!

ava in diaper cover

I got to use our new diaper cover! She looks so sweet in it! If you are interested in one I got it here.

ava close up

She was so alert! She was looking right at me! I told you she was a cutie!

ava on bench

Ava’s great grandpa made this bench and it’s been in her family for years and years! I just thought it would be sweet!

ava in a basket

Ava’s mom Ashley had these sparkly letters that spell her name! I love details like that!

ava close up in basket

She is just so pretty! 

ava and flowers

As always I saved my favorite for last! All the flowers were from her mama’s baby shower!  I just loved all the pink!

Thank you readers for all your entries for the contest and keep in mind we will do more! I had a ton of fun with little Ava today! We really do enjoy getting to know our clients and, in some cases, watch them grow!


Contest Winners!

Friday, May 15th, 2009


I want to thank all of you for participating in the giving back contest! We got some great entries and we truly love hearing from you, we love connecting with our clients! We had an entry sent in for the Mohr family by their good friend who thinks they deserve some family photos and some baby photos! Josh and Ashley Mohr just had a baby girl, Ashley was going to dental school when she found out she was pregnant and had to drop out due to dangers to the baby. She also had some hardships due to pregnancy and had to leave her job. The family has been going through a rough patch with the economy, (aren’t we all?) and their adoring friend Erin thinks they need some pictures of their new beautiful daughter! That is just what I am going to do! I will keep you posted on this family and when we get the images you know I will blog right away! Congratulations Mohr family, I will be in touch with you soon!

Don’t Forget!

Wednesday, April 29th, 2009


Our Contest for the free family photo session give away is still going! The guidelines are email us the story of your deserving family or a deserving family you know! The winner will be announced May 15, 2009! The session will take place in the NW Ohio/SE Michigan area. Don’t forget to send in your entries to!


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