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Archive: ‘Friends’

You’re My Best Friend

Monday, July 19th, 2010


Thursday I got to spend some time with my niece Em and her best friend M to do photos, which we’ve been trying to organize since last summer! Em & M are like 2 peas in a pod: always talking a mile a minute and giggling a lot because everything is funny with your BFF. These two are smart, talented, funny, very sweet and beautiful (and WAY less awkward than I was at 14!)

Here are some of my favorites from our session…

wellspring photography

teen tween photography toledo ohio

toledo photographer Tabitha Smith

toledo photography wellspring photography

Northwest Ohio Photographer

Maumee photography Perrysburg photography

Toledo Photography

Wellspring Photography Tabitha Smith


old west end toledo photography

wellspring photography

Toledo baby, child, family, and wedding photograper

Thank you girls for being such great models. You two are always a delight to be around:) Hope the rest of the summer is super duper fun for you both!

Show me some love and leave me a comment:) Hope you are all having a great summer so far!



Soul Sister Radio

Sunday, March 21st, 2010


Hey everybody, Tabitha here again with pics of the ladies from Soul Sister Radio, a brand new radio talk show in the Toledo area. Carrie & Letha contacted me about doing photos of all the co-hosts for their upcoming website and of course I jumped at the opportunity.I’m SO happy I did- it was really wonderful to get to know them all. They are each very different from the next- but all are kind, intelligent, funny, beautiful, and the laughs just didn’t stop:)

So, here they are…

meet Carrie,

toledo photography

toledo photography



toledo photography

toledo photography



toledo photography

toledo photography



toledo photography

toledo photography

and last but not least, Kisha…

toledo photography

toledo photography


I hope everybody tunes in to hear their show on WXUT 88.3 FM,

Friday nights at 6:00.

toledo photography

toledo photography

Thanks SO much Soul Sister Radio ladies! Can’t wait to hear your next show, it was a blast working with you all! Good luck:)

Anyone else looking for head shots for a website or brochure, give me a call or email me! or 419-266-0318


Little Lion’s First Birthday Party!

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009


I know you all remember Joseph! I posted his one year photo session sneak peek pretty recently, he was the cutie in the cowboy costume and pumpkin patch! Well they had me out to photograph his first birthday party and it was lion themed, sooo adorable! There are lots of photos so here we go:

toledo birthday photography

Of course his ridiculously talented Mama made all these cupcakes herself!

toledo birthday photography photgrapher

Joseph and all his friends! So cute with their hats on, that of course his mom made!

toledo birthday photography photographer

Waiting for his turn with the pinata!

toledo birthday photography photographer

He has some super cute friends!

toledo birthday photography photographer

GOTTA love boys!

toledo birthday photography photographer

The lion pinata, a Peruvian birthday tradition!

toledo birthday photography photographer

All the kiddos grabbing the goodies!

toledo birthday photography photographer

Look at those beautiful brown eyes!

toledo birthday photography photographer

toledo birthday photography photographer

He enjoyed his cake…and he’s not the only one!

toledo birthday photographer photography

toledo birthday photographer photography

toledo birthday photographer photography

He even got a lion for his lion birthday party!

toledo birthday photography photographer

Joseph had a great time!

toledo birthday photographer photography

His Aunt Isela LOVES him!

toledo birthday photography photographer

Joseph con su tia Isela y tio Wayne de Canada. Condujeron una manera larga de verlo en su cumpleanos!


Jeff and Maggy, you have a fantastic boy and I love photographing him! He is so smiley and lovey, he makes my day! Congrats to you both on such a wonderful family day! More blogs coming so keep on reading!


A Colorful Wedding

Saturday, June 6th, 2009

Hi everybody, this is Tabitha again, and I have some of my very favorite images to share with you from last weeks wedding. It was SO hard to only pick 9-there were SO many great pics to choose from.

On Saturday there was a chance of rain, but we had nothing but beautiful blue skies all day long! I had so much fun with the bride and groom and their friends and family-what a wonderful wedding!

colorful bridesmaids


She was SUCH a lovely bride!

wedding arches


These origami birds were hanging above their cake-they were just beautiful and I think they bring good luck

TBG wedding



first dance

The first dance…

And this last one is my favorite from this group of photos…

The ceremony

Thank you,thank you, thank you, Jake and Sadira-what an honor it was for us to capture your wedding memories.

Hope everybody loves the photos, I REALLY loved taking them!


P.S. Don’t forget to leave me comments!


Sunday, May 3rd, 2009

Well some of the little ones in the world call them sunflowers! 🙂 Who didn’t spend their childhood picking dandelions and making wishes on them? This little one really really loves "sunflowers"! I found this field just full of them and couldn’t resist! You can see her love of dandelions in her little face! Here are a few of my favorites!

k in field

Pretty isn’t she?

k smiling

She was really excited to pick "sunflowers".


I love my job, I get to be a kid again!

k running

She really loved running through the field! She has a dandelion in each hand!

k walking

She wanted to find the most perfect one!

k and barn

We found this really cool old barn!

k close up

SO CUTE!! She made my job easy!

happy k

One last extra happy one to go out on!

I know I posted a ton (as usual right?) I feel that my posts are getting longer and longer 😉 Oh well, I just love my job and my little clients keep giving me great images! I thought this would be a warm way to welcome spring! Hope you all enjoyed! Leave comments for me~it makes my day!

Hey Coach!

Sunday, April 19th, 2009


In this area of the world Ted Haddad is a legend! Everywhere he goes someone knows him and those who don’t want to know him! He is a funny guy who is full of life! Yesterday was his going away party with his Byblos family and I got to be there, what an honor! It truly was a blast and Ted , or Coach, keeps everyone laughing! I have tons of favorites but I can’t post them all,so here are just a few!

Ted laughing

The man of the hour~ "Am I embarassing you sweetheart? I’m just getting started!"

the trio

Ted hasbeen going to Byblos since it opened in 1989, and these girls have been working there since then as well! They really adore him!


Like I said, he’s always keeping everyone laughing!

Ted and byblos girls and guy

Ted and all his Byblos girls and the one Byblos guy!

ted's speech

At the end of the party, Ted made a speech that made everyone laugh and cry including himself!

tabitha and michael speech

Like I said it was a good speech!

carrie and shirt

Before Ted left the Byblos family gave him a t-shirt which they all signed to remember them by!

I had so much fun at your going away party Ted! I hope you have many adventures in your travels and don’t forget to keep laughing!


Thursday, September 18th, 2008


The Yayas are a group of wonderful ladies who have known each other since elementary school and they are still best friends! They are all so different and I think that is why they work! The Yayas just wanted some photos for fun and these are a few of my favorites!

I love their beautiful feet!

They always laugh together!

Thanks for the fun around Perrysburg girls!

Girl Time!

Friday, September 12th, 2008

The day before Tabitha’s big day she and all her girls decided to get their nails and toes done in Perrysburg, it was so fun to photograph! I love the girl time and all the laughter as well as the relaxation that comes with being pampered! These were just a couple of my favorites!

toledo photography, toledo wedding photography


toledo photography, toledo wedding photography


I loved catching her smiles through the salon decor!


toledo photography, toledo wedding photography

Tabitha laughing with her sister! I had so much fun girls! Thanks for inviting me along 🙂


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