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I’m excited about how Wellspring Photography is growing and through that I am able to learn more as well as venture into new areas of photography. We now offer packages for any events in life, from as big as weddings and births to as small as your child’s first time making chocolate chip cookies. We are now even doing school photographs from preschool through high school, as well as family, pregnancy, and baby sessions. Any photography need you have, we would be honored and excited to fulfill it.

Here at Wellspring Photography we love photography and love capturing the important moments in life. Any moment worth remembering is worth photographing.

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The Best and The Rest {Toledo Photography}

Wednesday, May 25th, 2011

I am starting a series of things I love vs. things I hate. I thought it might help all my readers and clients get to know me a little bit better! Plus I'd love to get to know my clients better too! Sometimes posts like these spark conversations and I think we all know I am a talker! So here we go!

1. Number one my list is Ryan. He is such a great husband. He supports me everyday and he sits and smiles through my fast talking when I get so excited about my big hair brained ideas. He laughs with me, comforts me when I am sad and he gave me my son. Life would be empty with him, he really is my best friend and I'm so happy he works two feet from me.

toledo photography photographer

::SIGH:: Who knew you could find true love at 14?

2. Seven Thunders. It is hands down the best book I've ever read. Once I purchased this baby I did nothing else from the time I started until the time I finished except read! I am not one for horror novels (mostly because I scare easy…not even just scare I startle easy. I jump at my own reflection in the mirror!). But seriously this book rocks. It is one of those books where you can't see the twists coming and even down to the last page you can't believe what you are reading! Even if you are not that into books you gotta get this one. It is for sale for Kindle as well as computers. The printed version isn't out yet. Go get it here.

PS. Copyright is Phyllip Edmund.

3. Big shout out to the boys at Savvy Giraffe. They created our new logo with the tree. We LOVE the tree! It's modern and whimsical. Perfect for our brand! We were lucky we found them and that they charge reasonably. They work with a lot of famous people so I know they are busy. They still let us give our input and guided through what they thought looked best design wise as well. They are helping us with some other major projects as well! Go say hi from us and if you need help with social media, marketing etc they are THE dudes! Go get Savvy. PS I think I might start working the word savvy into casual conversation.


1. Ok first diss of the week…tornados. They are scary and really? They are ripping through this country. My heart goes out to all the families in their time of need. If everyone could keep them in their prayers (and maybe pray that the tornados cease?). Enough nature…let's have a happy spring now!

2. Season finales. Granted I really don't have time for TV (which is why we divo it and watch it waaay later than the rest of America) but I love my weekends of modern family and office catch ups all snuggled up on the couch with the hubster. I guess we will begin our rounds of monopoly on his iPad and rummikub that looks like it is from the 70s. I don't know who will we make fun of when there is no new Phil Dunphy material!

3. Presidential campaign….it's already bugging me. I'm not a straight ticket voter. I like to read and I really do vote for who I think will do the job best….so I'm throwing it out there I am neither republican nor democrat. I do have to give a diss to the republican party. So far the two biggest doofuses (doofai?…what is the plural of doofus) have got to be Newt and the Trump. Yeh. 'Nuff said.


If you all want me to keep posting The Best vs. The Rest let me know. Thought a little [extra] fun on the blog can't hurt! Don't forget about my FREE SESSION GIVEAWAY. I have gotten some amazing drawings of Rufus. You guys have NO idea how much it brightens my day to get these! I love seeing YOUR creativity. Whoever has the best rendition of Dr. Rufus the pug wins a free session. Runner ups also will win prizes so keep 'em coming!





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